Please prefer your brain…over your gadgets.

A casual conversation between two scientists:

A:”I have got an IQ level of 180..!!”
B:”I have a 4 Terra flop super computer…beat that…!!”

What kind are you…?
Oh wait you are not even a scientist (as if i am one..!!)

So the big Q today is: Is it really necessary to maintain a digital planner…? Why do we have to constantly underestimate the power of our brain. Do you know that this little piece of tissue and muscles has about 100 billion neurons working for you (I got this from a very unreliable source)….!! Use them damn it…!! Someone has once said that human brain is of unmatched brilliance.

An average human uses just 10% of his/her brains (actually this is a myth..) 😀 ….!!
And sadistically we keep on letting our computers, organizers and PDAs dictate our poor little brain… Only if it had a flashy design and a smooth metallic finish…we would have cared a little more about this tiny little part of our anatomy….(tiny…?? :O)

Trying to remember things is a dying practice these days…blame your PDA for that.


(…and as you do that…let me find my PDA, gotta check the plans for tomorrow) 😀


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