How lazy can it get then…!!

Well…It has been long since I wrote, In fact I haven’t been online for the whole last week. I mean, I have just logged in to check my mails and went off. It would have taken a natural disaster to take me off for so long for the kind of surfer that I am. But then I have simmered down in past few months in manners more than one. It was more of a technical disaster this time.

My PC is known to show occasional tantrums at me while booting on, but it has been behaving erratically alienated since the past week. It crashes every 15 minutes or so, and it somehow has developed a sort of artificial intelligence as it only crashes when I am in middle of some important work or I am winning a career match against a highly superior team in FIFA..Not only that, my modem has been shitty as well..the internet was a rare luxury for me this last week.. So you obviously have an idea how boring it was for me plus I was hit with the classical virus..the viral fever one.. It simply manifolded my laziness and I spent the days…sleeping…

You may not have comprehended the most obvious reasons behind this turn of events…but I did…!! It was a conspiracy…YES!!…I still have to get to the depth..but it sure was…me against my PC..and the damned still may be the virus, infecting my Grey cells…(Is that even possible..biologically..?) Or may be this is just the side-effect of having a week long laze bonanza, especially after a rocking party-full week that preceded it…!!


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