Back…and moving.

Two days back, after a fortnight of silence my phone rang. The 50 bucks that I had to pay are worthy enough because now my phone line will work unhindered for another 7-8 months, at least. Given the fact that BSNL has not even fed my new number (a year old) into their databases yet which results in mass hysteria as the automated voice on the complain number says.. “This number is not covered in this exchange..!!” it was given that I would need some local help (read: the lineman).

Well ‘hysteria’ coz 15 days without internet connectivity is no less than a major natural disaster for me and ‘mass’ coz well, I have this ability to disturb mental peace of souls around me if I am in distress myself.

Anyways, I am feeling a lot better in many ways this week. Health wise…connectivity wise…and well I am shifting base for my blog as well. I’ll be notifying all my blogger friends of my new blog…which is on blogger. The ones who prefer reading this blog silently may drop their e-mails as comments…and I’ll be mailing them the link to my new blog.

Also I am really pleased to see all the concerns coming from my blogger friends. I am happy to know that I have such good ones of them in such short time.. 🙂

One more thing, I am only shifting the diary…and gibberish part of this blog to the new one.. (which actually is the soul of this blog) I haven’t thought about the other categories yet. So I may still be using this one after all..! 🙂


In Hibernation

I have not been posting anything for quite sometime and will not be doing that for some more days as well. Have been sick this week and as I started to recover, my phone died on me…

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Happy with my share of Independence

As it comes out of an intellectual conversation with one of my friends, I am a certified non-patriot now. Incidentally I have somehow lagged behind in doing my bit for the nation as I have not been forwarding the oh so patriotic SMS’s to my friends. I have to thank that friend for this realization…

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Finally I am (not so) tagged..!

Ahem Ahem, well a week long silence due to some unexplainable circumstances (I give you four words.. L,A,Z,Y, try all combinations) and the fact that I have never been tagged in the relatively dwarf time-span of my blog and my uncanny excitement to do one of those fun tags, resulted in a thought process…

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Maybe I don’t belong
but I don’t care anymore.
I may fail…but I wont change…

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The chronicles of Scooto GP…!!

If you have somehow read how my first driving lesson went, you must have probably figured out my brilliant driving instincts. I finished my driving lessons quite some time back. Now it was time to get my permanent driving license and for that I had to visit the local RTO…

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Of the week that had rain, cold and Hancock.

I have Just posted the longest blog that I have ever typed yet. *Phew*
I wonder if it covers up for the whole week of non-writing. Just like I wonder if I can take the whole week’s medicine all at once..which reminds me of the terrible cold that I have caught up on occurrence of the slightest of drizzle. *sneezes* 😦 …and this cold was enough for shattering some of my plans. Damned virus.

The viruses must be having a blast in the back of my nose, striking their flagellates in high fives and rubbing there membranes in anticipation of a long lazy day off, yet again. But I may just have the better of them today. That pretty much clears what I have been doing all this week (fighting the cold). With just one get away being the weekend movie that I went to..with a couple of goofy friends…who’s identities I can’t disclose..

😀 LOL..

The movie was Hancock…Highly anticipated and equally disappointing. I am not going to give a review though :-p
Which btw reminds me of the fact that no Indian superhero has ever found the space on the silver screen in bollywood. Most of them have only found their glory in the old comic book shops. Some of them really have it in them to be SUPER BIG. And still the best that Indian Cinema has to offer is “Mr. India” and “Krish”…poofs..!

Anyways I thing I have to find ways to get some real traffic into this blog. When the friends aren’t supporting I may need some superpowers… LOL..signing off… 🙂